Insight Window Washing is a Portland, Oregon based company that utilizes chemical and mineral free water filtered by our cutting edge reverse osmosis filters and state of the art equipment to provide you with the highest quality window washing service at a fraction of the cost.

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At Insight Window Washing, we don’t just “clean” your windows. We use an brand new process that removes bug residue, tree sap, and even paint. Our team will also take the time to detail your windows – leaving them looking virtually brand new!

Because our “Pure Water” cleaning system is entirely chemical free – it’s extremely eco-friendly. This filtered “Pure Water” combined with an extendable brush designed especially for window washing allows us to clean most homes and commercial buildings safely from the ground.

Do your windows seem dirty almost immediately after you’ve had them cleaned? That’s because chemical cleaners leave a layer of residue that acts as a sticking agent for dust, debris, and bugs. Chemical cleaners can also damage your windows over time, and the residual water used to wash can damage your plants.

Insight Window Washing is the only company in the area utilizing a cutting-edge, industrial grade “Reverse Osmosis” filtration system to create the “Pure Water” we use to clean your windows. Our system provides a better wash and keeps your windows clean twice as long as chemicals!


Insight Window Washing provides residential and commercial window washing and solar panel cleaning services in the pacific northwest.

Projects Big & Small

Insight Window Washing is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality window cleaning service – no matter the size or amount of windows in your home or business.

Chemical Free and Eco-Friendly

Our “Pure Water” system is both eco-friendly and cleans your windows more effectively than chemicals.

Fast & Cost Effective

Our cleaning system allows us to work on several windows at one time – increasing our efficiency and reducing costs for you.
Residential, Commercial & Solar Panel Window Washing | Insight Window Washing Portland, OR


Insight Window Washing uses cutting edge cleaning technology exclusively from IPC Eagle. Our cleaning system uses reverse osmosis to create deionized, mineral free water (“Pure Water”) ideal for 100% spot free windows. Our portable equipment is designed especially for cleaning glass in virtually any location.


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Are you ready to clean your windows right? Our “Reverse Osmosis” process will give your windows the best possible clean – without chemicals!

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