How Insight Window Washing Started

How Insight Window Washing Started | Insight Window Washing Portland, OR

How Insight Window Washing Started

Why would a college graduate and a marketing dropout want to start a window washing business? With so much opportunity these days involving the internet, it seems crazy that a couple of young adults would want to start a traditional home service business. Here’s the backstory behind our business that might help you understand our motivation:

While working for multiple sales companies in both product and service, we discovered a common trend: companies in today’s marketplace care more about profits than they do their employees or customers.

When companies cheat their employees – it’s the customers who suffer. Unhappy employees don’t make for a motivated, skilled workforce willing to go above and beyond for their clients. Instead quality of work suffers and customer service tends to fall flat.

This realization sparked an idea. We started wondering if we could combine our sales, efficiency, and marketing experiences to build a business centered around great customer service.

After deciding to challenge the business status quo, we discovered an alternative technology for what has previously been a boring and dull service: window washing. This innovative, chemical free method of washing windows is possible due to an industrial filter that cleans windows using a process called Reverse Osmosis that removes particles and minerals from tap water. All that’s left is “Pure Water!”

An innovative business model with an innovative technology was the perfect foundation that has become Insight Window Washing. We are using this special new way of cleaning combined with our hard earned sales, marketing and efficiency skills to provide the best possible service for YOU.

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