Spring Cleaning Outdoor Checklist

Spring Cleaning Outdoor Checklist | Insight Window Washing PDX

Spring Cleaning Outdoor Checklist

It’s that time of year again – spring cleaning!

For some it’s a joyous time of year, while for others – not so much. While we can’t promise to get rid of your spring cleaning altogether, we can help make it more convenient and organized. Here are our top items for your outdoor spring cleaning checklist:

Gutters & Roof: Start at the top and work your way down. You may need to invest in a good moss remover, or even a professional pressure washing service depending on what debris has accumulated on your roof during the winter months. Don’t forget the gutters! All that gunk you just cleaned off the roof has compounded with the leaves, sticks, dirt and and anything else that may be clogging your gutters.

Yard and Patio: Start with the patio and work your way out to the yard. Everything may need a little clean up and TLC after those long winter months. A little tiding and trimming will go a long way towards the curb appeal and overall look of your home. 

Pressure Washing: Now that you’ve cleaned off your roof and tidied up the yard, it’s time to pressure wash. It’s important to pressure driveways, walkways and fences LAST so they stay clean! Pressure washing increases the safety and lifespan of your surfaces and is an essential part of spring cleaning (though possibly the most dreaded part too – we understand!)

Window Washing: We may be a little biased, but Window Washing is the essential final piece to your brilliant outdoor spring cleaning session. Window cleaning is often overlooked by homeowners, but can be the difference in quality of your home’s cleanliness and overall appearance. Details matter! Think of spotless windows as the decorative bow adding the final touch to a present or gift!

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