3 Reasons To Hire a Professional Window Washer

3 Reasons To Hire a Professional Window Washer


Window cleaning is one of those yearly tasks that usually present a dilemma. Clean your windows yourself, or hire professionals to do it for you. Each option presents its own pros and cons but did you know you can destroy your windows if they aren’t cleaned properly?


Let me explain!


  1. Chemicals Destroy-

99.9% of everyone who cleans windows, usually uses a chemical to get the job done.

However, what they don’t know is the long term problem this is causing.

Chemicals, when applied to windows over time (couple years), eat away the seals of the windows and cause permanent long term damage.

Ever seen a window with ‘moisture’ between the panes?

It’s caused by the repeated use of chemicals, over a long period of time, combined with the sun and heat warming up the chemicals.


  1. Window Cleaning Is Hard-

Ever seen the Chevy Chase movie?

You know, the one where he is putting up Christmas lights and slides off his roof?

Well, window cleaning fits into the category of ladders which cause more unintentional injury mortalities nationwide than anything else.

If you have a 2 or more story house you probably require a ladder to clean your windows.

If you have a one story home it makes it way easier, but typically takes a lot of time to detail the windows to satisfaction.


  1. Windows Are The Gateway-

They say eyes are the gateway to the soul.

What do you think that makes windows for your home?

Maybe that’s a little extreme but the idea is, without windows your home would be a very dark place, even with lights.

Having cleanly detailed windows, can make all the difference in the world when you want to see your kids playing outback, check on the dogs, enjoy the day, or give your neighbors a quick spy.

If you’re cleaning your windows and not hiring a professional, chances are it’s not the best clean. Your home deserves more, and you deserve to be able to sit back and enjoy your view!