Why Good Labor Work Is Hard To Find

Why Good Labor Work Is Hard To Find


When we first started our business we kept being told how hard the hiring process was.

At first I didn’t think hiring would be an issue. Until I actually started the business…I didn’t realize hiring was going to be the most important part!


Good labor has always historically been hard to find but it seems as we move forward into a more technological savvy generation, it is becoming harder and harder to find good labor work.

I attribute this to the next generation (mine) who are freshly coming into the marketplace very unprepared.  


It’s hard for millennials because they are very aware of the future of technology and automation.

It’s a scary point for them because they’ve seen their parents work their whole lives and still struggle during the recession.

All ‘after’ being promised if you work hard you will find a good job and good things will happen to you.


Unfortunately, this just isn’t true in today’s marketplace and millennials are having a tough time figuring out their paths. Hard work isn’t enough in today’s economy and it’s scary.

Being a millennial myself, I have struggled accepting how quickly the marketplace and economy keeps changing.


The quality labor jobs (meaning good pay and benefits) that actually match the costs of today’s world are extremely limited.

In my opinion, this is the single biggest hiring problem today.


The punchline, is that it’s not an issue that millennials won’t work, or technology has taken over all good jobs.

The jobs just don’t meet the standards of what most people need to live comfortably.

The only way this will change, as technology progresses, is if we start paying more and making our hard working employees our number one priority!