Window Washing vs Window Detailing

Window Washing vs Window Detailing


Nothing is worse than hiring someone to work on your house or business (windows, yard, pressure washing, etc.) and they do a horrendous job.


As a homeowner or business owner you deserve to only have the best work done to your property.


For example hiring someone to clean windows and all they do is dust them off.

Or hiring someone to pressure wash your property and they leave it trashed with debris.


We have seen this way too much at Insight Window Washing, so we wanted to help you, the home/business owner, learn the difference before you hire.


With window washing most companies either clean or wash your windows. Very few companies actually ‘detail’ your windows like they should.  


If you’ve hired a company to clean your windows and you still notice paint, bugs, or sap stuck to the window, that’s because there is a fundamental difference between a clean wash and a detail.


A ‘window wash’ is exactly how it sounds. This usually involves a quick squirt of chemicals to your windows and then a squeegee wash.  


‘Window Cleaning’, most of the time, involves a good layer of chemical window cleaner, a quick rub to the windows ‘big’ spots and then a squeegee wash.


‘Window Detailing’ is what ‘most’ homeowners think they’re going to get. This involves a quality rinse to the windows, a detail to the paint, sap, and bug residue. Another clean to the window and then a final rinse. Leaving the window and seals looking like they are freshly refurbished on your home or business.


Here at Insight Window Washing we have three packages for the homeowner. We decided to do this so we have complete transparency of what needs to be washed and how well it needs to be done.  


Nothing is worse than hiring someone to have work done and ending up disappointed with the results of the finished job.